Stewards of Tyr

Lords of Tyr
The Party swore fealty to Sorcerer-King Nibenay, letting Tyr become part of the greater Nibenay Empire. They then labelled themselves as Lords of Tyr.

Military Economy City Organisation City Heirarchy
  • Standing army of 3,800
    • 3,300 Ex-military and slaves
    • 500 Nobleman Contingent
  • 4000 Crimson Legion Members
  • Nibenay’s Support of 5,020
  • Extras
  • Base tax income of 700gb/month
  • Prostitution is legalised and taxed, with half the tax going to train a local militia. Provides 50gb/month.
  • Tootcutters stipend of 70gb/month + 5% of new business deals.
  • Walis produces 2,100 gb a month with 700gb going to House Tomblador, 700gb going to Nibenay and 700gb going to Tyr… for the moment.
  • 1,520 gb income per month
  • * Tyr Iron Mines still under Tyr’s Control.
  • 150 Freed Gladiators act as the city watch.
    • Squads of 3 Freed Gladiators with a templar-head.
  • The Tyr Council
  • Templar Ashfield at the head
  • Spymaster for Tyr, internal and external.
  • Minister of Laws. Setting up new justice system in Tyr
  • Marshal of the Tyrian army and organises its defences.
  • Total: 13,420
    Currently 4,260gb in Tyr’s Coffers.

    Council Members

    City Politics

    • The half-elf Grak asked for the party to liase between him and Templar-King Tithian to try and convince the King to expand his protection to Grak’s Pool in exchange for free use of the springs by Tyr-based merchants.

    Stewards of Tyr

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