Snake Skull Raiders

The Snake Skull Raiders were a group of raiders dwelling in the Great Alluvial Sand Wastes lead by a defiler Mul named Yarnath.

They were renowned for raiding in a mobile fortress made out of Mekillot bones and created by Yarnath’s magic. This fortress was named Slither by the locals.

They raided the great belt of sand for 50 years before their sudden disappearance around 50 years ago.

The ex-raiders formed the Snake Skull Tribe located in The Black Sands, only the oldest being part of the original raiders.

After the party’s scuffle with Zeburron, The Iron Rider, he attacked the tribe for helping the party. Most were killed, but the party managed to rescue the remaining and take them to Tyr, where most remain.

A small handful of those defected to Nibenay with the party.


Snake Skull Raiders

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