These are a list of all possible quests that you have encountered in your travels. Side Ventures lists all role-playing “quests” the party have put themselves on. They have no XP reward but depending on how it’s handled, the party might end up with other rewards.

Past Quests

Main Quests

1. Enter the Dragon

The party have officially defected to Nibenay, and its sorcerer-king is seizing this opportunity. Sorcerer-King Nibenay has forgiven the party for their part in the death of his wives, convinced that they were not responsible for the deaths of his wives and soldiers.

With the Dragon of Tyr remaining allusive, Nibenay has seen a job opening with a clear route of getting there. He has found a way to ascend to Dragonhood through the Eye of Abalach-Re, a giant gem infused with defiling magic by Abalach-Re. She created it to absorb the magic of the Dragon of Tyr, but her plan failed and the gem, along with the temple it was in, was lost in the shifting sands of the Great Alluvial Sand Wastes.

Shiatri, a bastard-born Offspring of Abalach-Re led the party to the temple’s location, planted in her mind by the Sorcerer-Queen.

Despite avoiding the traps of temple, defeating the monsters inside and dodging a terrifying impostor orb, the party weren’t able to get their hands on Eye as it had already been pilfered by the Red Wing Tomb Raiding Group.

Knowing the Raiding Group’s location, the party travel to Balic and were able to steal the true Eye of Abalach-Re and escape Balic with it.

With the Eye returned to Nibenay, now the party just have to wait for him to prepare.

2. In it for themselves

It has been a over a year since Kalak was deposed and Tyr no longer feels like the city of opportunity it once was. Tithian has returned and he seems to be seeking total control of the Tyr region. While the party are working for Tithian, perhaps towards a greater end for Athas, but not the best end for them. The party are now powerful players in the politics of Athas and have the ability to direct change. The only question is to what end.

Side Quests

An old friend

Sorcerer-King Nibenay has requested the party travel to Giustenal to confer with Sorcerer-King Dregoth. Nibenay desires a temporary alliance with the undead king and hopefully, the use of his Dray sorcerers. At the least Nibenay is hoping to gain a truce at the least.

While Dregoth did not agree to grant the party any Dray sorcerers, he did agree to a permanent truce hinging on him receiving Raam.

The Swords of Tyr

The existence of the nine ‘Swords of Tyr’ have to the party’s attention. When fused together, they forge a weapon which can destroy Sorcerer-Kings.

  • 1st Sword of Tyr – Short Sword (Jhakar-fang hilt) – Currently owned by Darus.
  • 2nd Sword of Tyr – Rapier (Hilt made of alabaster wrapped in leather) – Currently owned by Turk Garrant
  • 3rd Sword of Tyr – Scimitar (Hilt made of Anakore tusk) – In Tyr (one of the swords disguised as mundane)
  • 4th Sword of Tyr – Longsword (Studded grip of petrified wood) – Currently owned by Tiran Arslan
  • 5th Sword of Tyr – Broadsword (Twin Kirre-fang hilt) – Currently owned by Gavan Sul. Hidden away in a place where only he can summon it. Gavan Sul was last seen heading towards Tyr.
  • 6th Sword of Tyr – Falchion (Long) crystalline hilt) – Whereabouts unknown
  • 7th Sword of Tyr – Bastard Sword (Bone hilt) – Currently owned by Dust
  • 8th Sword of Tyr – Greatsword (Long, curving blade with an inlaid ivory hilt) – Whereabouts unknown
  • 9th Sword of Tyr – Fullblade (Bone grip and incredibly ornate) – Whereabouts unknown

Side Ventures


Map 1 – Marks an unknown passage from Ringing Mountains through the Forest Ridge.

Map 2 – Locates a place called Bodach. In the side of the map, written in Draconic and eventually translated by Razak: The word is a compound of two words, the first one ‘moon’, the second one, ‘gate’.

Map 3 – The third map seems to locate the next target of the Snake Skull raiders. It is a bit faded now since it was only used 30 years ago. A single word in common says, ‘Freedom’.

Map 4 – The last map is written entirely in Thri-Kreen: The title of the map is Dragon’s Crown Mountains. It shows a ring of mountains framing a forest. On the map are a set of ruins labelled as The Chaksa and Dasaraches.

The Dragon of Tyr

Rumours have come across the sands from Balic. The Dragon of Tyr had been sighted in the far south, flying westward with great speed. No demand for his usual tithe has been made.

Stories are flying around Balic that the Dragon destroyed Walis

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