The Offspring are bastard-born children of Sorcerer-Queen Abalach-Re, a result of her lustful desires. Despite this, they enjoy no elevated status in Raamite society as they are almost always discarded by the queen at birth and then raised in a special orphanage in the High Quarter.

After reaching the age of twelve, the orphanage ejects them into the city where they meld into Raam society as they appear humans. They often choose to hide the nature of their parentage.

Regardless of whether they choose to hide it or not, Offspring generally enjoy longevity (to varying degrees), and occasionally develop abilities. Included in this are a high aptitude for the arcane, the ability to read minds, fly or go invisible. There has even been reports that some can move faster than the eye can see, or can lift whole buildings off the ground.

There have been cases in the past where citizens have ostracised or even lynched Offspring. Abalach-Re has never formally acknowledged the Offspring as her children.



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