The Kank is a hive insect as tall as a man. They are farmed in underground hives, and generally not for their meat. It is a delicacy is some cultures, though eating them is a religious taboo in the Kreen Khanates.

Kanks workers are commonly used as mounts and draught animals and can carry up to five times their own weight.

The common Kank-related products are:

  • Kank Eggs are widely eaten and are produced inert for this purpose.
  • Glow Globes are found to light their hives, indicating that Kanks don’t have good vision in the dark. The globes are theorised to be a mix of a luminous cave fungus and Kank saliva. Attempts to recreate the globes by people is never as effective.
  • One of the most popular Kank products is Broy, fermented Kank nectar. Kanks grow a subterranean flower, called Pale Bloom, in their hives to produce the nectar. Like the Glow Globes, any attempt to reproduce the nectar has failed.

Flora and Fauna


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