Athas Cosmology

Athas is burnt world, hounded by an ancient sun and magic which innately destroys life.

The Tyr Region is the last genuine habitable area on this world, the only place where water can be found in abundance.

  • There are no oceans of water, only oceans of silt.
  • It’s people reside in city-states, protected from the horrors of the desert by thick walls. These cities are said to be the last bastions for water and survival.
  • These city-states are ruled over by the Sorcerer-Kings, despot rulers who prowess in defiling magic keeps at the top of the food chain.
  • The magic of Athas is innately wrong. It destroys life when used and requires an active effort on the users part to not defile.
  • The gods are dead. Organised religion died millenia ago. But some people need something worship and so turn to the Primordial Spirits, or even the Sorcerer-Kings.

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Athas Cosmology

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