Tyr is the westernmost city in the Tyr Region and the centrepoint of the biggest political and cultural upheaval in several thousand years. It’s Sorcerer-Kings, Kalak has been deposed (killed) by a group lead by the previous high templar and now Templar-King Tithian.

Slavery has been abolished, the Veiled Alliance publicly recognised and the gates are now open for opportunities.

After Tithian’s departure to the The Dead Realm, Tyr was ruled over by our noble party, who did an average job. The wells going dry, civil war initiated by the nobles pushing for a senate, rebellion by The True, an influx of Thri-Kreen immigrants and an invasion by a mercenary army from Urik were just some of the things that went wrong.

Fortunately, Tithian and the Deposers returned just in time to save Tyr from an additional army led by Sorcerer-King Hamanu.

Tyr is now the Holy City ruled by the first and last God-Emperor Tithian. Tyr has entered a new golden age.



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