Dark Dawn

Slither - The Crawling Fortress of Tyr

After the final demise of Zeburron (we assume), the party immediately set to their next task, finding and seizing the fortress of Slither. This was relatively easy considering they had a piece of magical paper which acted as a compass towards the mobile fortress. The party found slither in exactly the same way they found it the first time, unmoving.

Mounting the fortress proved as equally difficult as the last time as Slither tried to make its getaway, but it was nowhere near the challenge as it had been many a level since the party had visited Slither. Utilising grappling hooks, the party managed to climb the legs to the front door (Darius almost falling back into the desert). They ascended to the top of citadel to face the bone dragon which had chased them off long ago. The bone construct was not easy to defeat and with some tail swipes and snapping of jaws, the dragon fell to the floor in a heap. The bones reconstructed themselves into a set of controls on the balcony to the cheers of the party. But their cheers were cut short by the inability of anyone to use them.

The party already knew that only a Snake Skull Raider could be use those controls but weren’t sure how to officially become one. Luckily, the party had an entire Skeleton Library at their disposal to help with this. And help it certainly did as several burly skeletons pinned down Dust, Turk and Darius anyone else?; and ripped their hair out and tattooed the Snake Skull Raider tattoo onto their scalps.

With this, the party rode Slither all the way back to Tyr in victory… only to find their beloved city of Tyr in the midst of a civil war and pillar of dangerously-looking white and purple light rising from the peak of Kalak’s Ziggurat.

The Black Sands - The Accursed Legion

The party left with Nibenay after much celebrating at the forming of the new Nibenay Empire and, on their recently purchased Sand Skiff, made all haste towards The Black Sands and the “hidden” location of Zeburron’s camp. They made it to the outskirts of the camp, the converted ruins of a small city, with no hassle and it looked like things had changed since last time they were there. Rumours of Zeburron leading a group known as The Accursed Legion were not exaggerated as The Accursed Legion now made up the visual bulk of Zeburron’s Raiders.

They managed to sneak into the ruins with little trouble. It seemed that the legionnaires disintegrated into fire and ash upon death, along with their hellish Crodlu, making it easy for the party to hide the evidence of their movements. The party got the brilliant idea to bury down through the sand, using their previous knowledge of Zeburron’s base to work out roughly the point directly above where his chamber was last time. Unfortunately, the party’s ability at building tunnels was limited to Dust’s ability to burrow and this endeavour failed. They also managed to alert the entire camp to their presence in the process, putting the entire camp on alert for intruders.

They then decided to through the front entrance, silently killing the legionnaire guards in the process. They managed to avoid the groups of legionnaires who were exiting the catacombs and managed to found a trash pile in which they found a [[Folding Sand Skiff] and a ring. They eventually made it into Zeburron’s final chamber, occupied by Zeburron himself, two Dwarves, two Dray and several newly-risen legionnaires. In the middle of the room was a ritual circle leading to a bottomless pit from which the legionnaires seemed to be rising.

The party, not wanting to use air from their lungs that could be better spent yelling insults and grunting with the exertion of fighting, immediately attacked Zeburron and his cohorts. After brining down Zeburron, he turned into a winged, horned devil, fuelled by the power of the pit. After some near-misses of falling into the pit, being dominated by Zeburron’s new form and being brought to the brink of death, the party finally managed to defeat Zeburron and his companions, assuming they killed the Accursed Legion in the process and causing the pit to close up.

The Ivory Triangle - Interesting Times

The party had a brief stop in Gulg which didn’t yield much as Gulg is a city-state with draconian trade laws and a system of government which places Sorcerer-Queen Lalali-Puy as the sole ruler, monarch and divine empress of Gulg. The party felt that compared to their home city of Tyr, Gulg was backwards and not worth their attention. With only an encounter with a witch doctor who made seemingly-empty threats, the party pushed on through the [Crescent Forest]], defending themselves from an attacking tribe of halflings who the party suspected were sent by the Sorcerer-Queen of Gulg to impede their efforts.

The finally reached the logging camps of Nibenay with little trouble and were met by one of the Templar-Brides of Nibenay, Khalia, who was in charge of overseeing logging in that particular region of the Crescent Forest. Upon seeing the letter from Sorcerer-King Nibenay, Khalia immediately led them into to the city of Nibenay and straight to the Royal Palace inside The Naggaramkam to meet with Nibenay in person. They met Nibenay along with his five High Consorts.

Nibenay offered the hospitality of his city and and very simple choice for Stewards of Tyr. Nibenay would offer his armies and full support of Tyr in return for Tyr becoming a satellite-state of Nibenay, the beginnings of one of the first true empires in the Tyr Region, The Nibenay Empire. Nibenay let the party stay in Nibenay for the night while they pondered their decision. The party offered a meeting to High Consort Kahalya and High Consort Bamandji, Bamandji being the only one who accepted. The High Consort in charge of the Temple of War had no qualms about boasting of the military might of Nibenay and the party seemed to win her over with their charm.

The next morning, the party met up with Nibenay again to further discuss terms. The party accepted the offer of Nibenay, becoming the Rulers of Tyr, under the direction of Nibenay, possible one of the most pivotal changes in Athas history. Additionally Tiran Aslan gave an offering of the Dragon Amulet of Tyr to Nibenay in exchange for his consideration on a joint currency.

Silver Spring - Conquerors?

The party move throughout the rest of Silver Spring eliminating any remnants of Zombie Cacti. They eventually found Chief Torelal hold up in the 1st floor of the manor house along with some halflings, other elves and gith. Chief Torelal explained that the cacti had just appeared several days ago and started growing from the well. Eventually the cacti attacked, killing the merchants, traders and elves of Silver Spring and turning them into their thralls. Chief Torelal sent his own son to Tyr to request assistance.

The party, accepting Chief Torelal’s story, informed him that their de-cactusing of Silver Spring has not come cheaply. Silver Spring submitted itself to the power of Tyr, to be administered by House Ianto. The party left Silver Spring whistling a merry tune and headed directly south through The Black Sands towards Nibenay via Gulg. The Black Sands is home to Zeburron, the Tiefling raider leader who attacked the Snake Skull Raiders and whom had at least a 3rd of his raiders killed by the party.

As they travelled, they believed they saw Fevik, the black-bearded, Dwarven defiler who is Zeburron’s lieutenant riding a Crodlu watching them. They decided to ignore them and press onto Gulg. After an encounter with Silt Sharks, who decimated their single Crodlu and a good portion of their supplies, their party finally arrived at the city outskirts of Gulg.

Silver Spring - Under Siege?

The party began their travels to Silver Spring via Sand Skiff with a thirst for Elven blood, the Elves of the Silver Hand to be exact. The Silver Hand had recently re-allied themselves with Urik for unknown reasons, incurring the wrath of the Stewards of Tyr.

On their way, roughly where Tyr Road] splits into the Twin Roads of Tyr, they encountered a lone Mul lost and near death in the desert. They pulled the Mul out of the sand, but they weren’t the only ones interested in the Mul. A pack of Dagorran had been tracking the Mul for days, a necessary meal for them. The party defeated the Dagorran and decided to take the Mul with them. The Mul was Garus, originally a slave of Tyr who decided to leave when Kalak was deposed and slavery abolished. The Mul had returned to the Tyr Region for reasons he was yet to tell the Stewards.

The party continued onto Silver Spring, their new member with them and finally came within sight of Silver Spring. There was some smoke rising from Silver Spring and a single, lone elf running away from the caravanserai. They chose to ram the young elf, killing him instantly and ignoring this moral oversight, continued into the caravanserai, burning the front gates as they did so.

Not worrying or thinking about the lack of guards, they walked into the main courtyard to see the entire place occupied by cacti. In a brilliant, tactical move, they attacked the cacti on sight, trusting their instinct that the cacti were evil. While the cacti weren’t evil, they were definitely hostile and turned out to be Zombie Cactus raising thralls up from the sand, thralls that were once merchants, travellers and visitors from foreign lands.

Through a long battle that involved much loving of cacti, the party managed to defeat the Zombie Cactus in the courtyard, though whether they’ve eliminated the threat of Silver Spring, it is yet to be seen.

Tyr - The Stewards of Tyr

After the successful resupply of Tyr’s water supplies, the party had spent a week attending to Tyr’s administration, with assistance from Templar Ratebourne and Templar Ashfield.

House Shom under Sorcerer-King Nibenay’s directive has offered to construct some wood-work in celebration of the new Stewards of Tyr. Along with this, Nibenay also requested an audience with the Stewards in Nibenay. The Stewards also found out that Silver Spring renounced their allegiance with Tyr and instead, allied themselves with Urik. The news of The Undead War had reached the West as the party were informed of Guisternal’s battles with the armies of Draj. Upon Ashfield’s recommendation, the party agreed to consult with the psurlon Gear in the tentative idea that he might give them advice. Finally, the Stewards agreed to host a series of meetings the next morning.

On their way to consult Gear, the party were attacked by assassins who claimed to part of a group called The True, a secretive cult group who desire the resurrection and reinstatement of Sorcerer-King Kalack. The party managed to defend against the assassins and continued on with their meeting with the psurlon. He told them that while Nibenay is not to be trusted, his offer for Diplomatic discussion was sincere. He also accept the Stewards offer to become Tyr’s new Spymaster, using his psurlon abilities and already-established influence to monitor inside Tyr’s walls and beyond.

The party then attended the gladiatorial games which had been organised a week earlier to determine the new head of Tyr’s City Watch. With some influence from the stewards, more for economic reasons than any other, the goliath Stoki Half-Man was the champion and named the head of the city watch. The games were also quite profitable for the city treasury.

The next morning, the party attended the council meetings with the usual attendees from Tithian’s meetings. In a step towards creating a Senate of Nobles, the stewards appointed Shoshanna Beryl, Davith Vordon and Murter Dyan ‘’(I think)’‘, to act in the steward’s stead. With all this organised, the party requisitioned a Sand Skiff and several Crodlu and immediately departed for Silver Spring to rectify the problem of the changed allegiance.

Tyr - A Pail of Water

The Stewards of Tyr have only been the stewards of Tyr for one week and already they are being faced with myriad of problems. The treasury is near-empty, law-enforcement and taxation is near non-existent and there is a mercenary army 20,000 strong marching towards to Tyr to take the iron mines. But all these are second priority to the immediate problem of Tyr’s water wells drying up. Almost as soon as Tithian departed to the Other Realm, the water wells started to dry up. The city of Tyr was in panic as the common citizen’s private stores were starting to disappear and the average price at vendors was sky-rocketing.

The party soon worked out that all the water came from the Under-Tyr and using Shoshanna Beryl’s desire to appeal to the new rulers, they gained access to the Under-Tyr. Once under Tyr, they set about following the trickles of water to the source. Knowing they had to delve deeper underneath Tyr, the battled through zombies, met an Eladrin tomb robber and new ally, Turk Garrant, and wove their way through ruins of a Tyr long buried.

Eventually they came to the lower depths of Tyr, a place that was occupied back in Tyr’s original founding, but had since become a cave network and ruins. Making their way through Tembo’s Teeth, where they were attacked by living stalacmites, they came across Night Dragon Way which had a broken statue of The Dragon at the end of it. From the shattered mouth, Tiran obtained a Dragon Amulet. They also found a mysterious orb in an area called The Sorrows which had a single tower that descended into the earth and rose up into the city.

They finally came to Elven River, a lake which was the source of all of Tyr’s water. At first, there didn’t seem to be anything wrong, asides from the water level. In the middle of the lake an Id Fiend was resting on a small island. Stepping out to care of the Id Fiend, what appeared to be withered humanoids rose from the lake. Not sure what they were, the party battled them regardless, not cowed by their ability to absorb the water from a man’s body. After defeating them, the monsters revealed they were the Thrax, water vampires that had been sent to Tyr by Abalach-Re, Sorcerer-Queen of Raam with the sole-purpose of absorbing Tyr’s water. The Thrax surrendered and agreed to return to their home outside of Raam thanking the party for their mercy.

Tyr - Tithian's Grand Plan

After making sure Aaron was going to survive the trip back to Tyr, and after shooing the Red Wing Tomb Raiding Incorporated of Balic away from Ree’At, the party finally make it back to Tyr in the late afternoon.

Upon arrival at Tyr, they were greeted by Templar Ashfield who said Tithian was waiting for them at the stadium. It seemed that almost all of Tyr had gathered in the stadium for a series of tournaments which Tithian was presiding over.

Tithian told them that at the end of the last duel, he would make a big announcement to all of Tyr, for which he would like the party to be present for. Tithian explained to the party that he would be departing for a dark and corrupted realm called the The Black, a plane of existence which used to be a home for immortal and powerful beings called Gods. There, he would be obtain a power to destroy all the Sorcerer-Kings in Athas and free the people. He had been sending the party of quests to obtain components that would help him complete a ritual that would allow him to bypass The Grey, a suicidal plane that was inhabited by shadows and the dead, and travel straight to the The Black.

In front of a gathered crowd of Tyr’s nobility, merchants and anyone who bothered to crown into the stadium, Tithian announced his plan to depart from the current plane and obtain a great power. He then named the five adventurers, Tiran, Dust, Calder, Ichtaca and Razak as the Stewards of Tyr to rule in his stead. Tithian’s last request to the newly-appointed stewards was to close the portal behind him. Tithian then performed the ritual which the party had spent the better part of half a year heldping to contruct.

The Sarcophagus was the key to the ritual. Because the party had become close to Malik, he opened the sarcophagus for them, revealing the contents. Inside was a perfectly preserved humanoid woman with green-blue hair. Malik explained that woman was his lover, the god Melora, who was killed in the original Primordial War. Malik was imprisoned in the lamp for being seen to betray his own elemental kind. The second component in the ritual Tithian revealed by slitting Aaron’s throat and pouring all his blood into the sarcophagus. The third part of the ritual was 4 metallic objects of a different geometric shape.

With barely a chant, Tithian opened a portal between Athas and the Astral Sea and marched through it, along with the other Deposers of Kalack, the majority of the fighting Templars and a hundred of Tyr’s strongest Goliaths. The crowd had cheered Tithian’s depature, seeing their admired leader depart for promosed salvation. After all were gone, the party immediately set about closing the portal, something which seemed as simple as putting the 4 geometric shapes back together.

But within a minute, a creture came through the portal from the other side. A large humanoid with black, feathered wings, a corrupted creature from the Astral Sea called a Dregen. The party were able to send the creature back through the portal and close it, with minimal damage to the surrounding stadium, leaving the party as the Stewards of Tyr.

Urik - Extraordinary Slaves

After escaping the meticulous Toil Templars, the party retreated back to the pottery shop of Karl Ruche, their task successfully, if not gracefully completed for Silan the Serpent.

The very next day, Silan sent one of his goliath body guards to assist the party in their infiltration of the slave gangs. Forfeiting their weapons an armor for slave garb, getting into the gangs was easy enough. Though with being relatively naked, the party was constantly on edge.

The slave gangs were led to the obsidian quarries in the smoking crown where the party performed to an excellent quality, their natural competetiveness getting the better of them. Towards dusk, the slaves were marched back to Urik and locked up within the slave compound. It was here that the party incited a riot which quickly gained momentum. Droves of slaves were slain by the Toil Templars, but the distraction worked. The party were able to sneak into the prisons and rescue Aaron of Asticles.

The group didn’t hesitate to flee the slave compound and back to their equipment at Karl Ruche’s shop from which they hastily left the city, knowing the danger of staying there.

They then headed directly south towards Ree’At, avoiding the main roads and also obeying earlier orders from Tithian. It took several days to reach Ree’At without problem at which the party made their way into the centre of the ruins to investigate the metal cage they orginally found Dregoth in.

When the reach the natural cavern, they found that they weren’t alone, but a tomb raiding group that called themselves the “”/wikis/Red%20Wing%20Tomb%20Raiding%20Incorporated%20of%20Balic/new" class=“create-wiki-page-link”>Red Wing Tomb Raiding Incorporated of Balic" were already there arguing how to get the metal out of the ruins.

It wasn’t hard for the party to intimidate the raiders into leaving the cage alone, but the party easily realised that they had the same problem as the raiders in getting the metal out of the cavern. They decided this would be a problem for another day.

Tyr - Return from the Longest Journey

The party finally return to Tyr after their months of journeying and questing in Athas. The group immediately went to the Golden Tower where the council had just been adjourned. After some discussion with Caliph Arslan, the party then met with private Tithian and the other Deposers of Kalack.

When Tithian asked for the Sarcophagus’ Key, the party admitted that if they had obtained the key from Slither, they were unsure what it was. It could have been the Giant’s Skull Helm, Malik’s Lamp or even the Magic Carpet. Tithian immediately dismissed it being the Giant’s Skull Helm and the Magic Carpet – though he did mention he would need to requisition the Magic Carpet not only for his own purposes but also as part of his responsibilities as Tempalr King. Malik’s Lamp or more likely Malik held greater interest for him.

Tithian tried talking to Malik but was only met with silence. It would seem that Malik’s Lamp was bound to the party and Malik would only speak to them. Malik claimed to have no knowledge of the Sarcophagus, how to open it or anything else to do with it. While the party were content at that, Tithian realised that Malik was lying. Malik wore a necklace that had the same symbol as one in the margins of one of Tithian’s books. Malik then refused to tell the anyone anything he knew. It was apparant that Malik did not trust the party enough to tell them anything.

Tithian decided he could solve this problem and another he was having at the same time. Tithian requested – as close to the Templar-King ever gets to requesting anyway – that the adventurers go to Urik where they would rescue Aaron of Asticles from the prisons underneath Destiny’s Kingdom. They were told to contact Karl Ruche, Tithian’s heady spy in Urik for more information. Tithian hoped that one the way, the party would reach some kind of accordance with Malik so he would reveal more information.

Tithian also asked that on the way back, the party stop by Ree’At and investigate whether the golden statue and steel cage were still untouched. He also asked them to investigate for any extra information to do with the Sarcophagus, Malik or the symbol on Malik’s necklace.

Tiran was able to convince Tithian to send a small military presence to Grak’s Pool, to demonstate Tyr’s protection against Balican tax collectors. Caliph Arslan would be appointed head of this operation.

The party bid farewell to Tithian and the other Deposers and spent the rest of the night looking into the head of the Tyr cell of the Veiled Alliance. In the recent weeks, Tithian had been cracking down on the Veiled Alliance, not tolerating an organisation to operate in secret within Tyr. They headed down to the prisons underneath the Golden Tower and spoke to one of the accused Velied Alliance members. This member told them that Tyr Veiled Alliance members never met the head of the cell, but they always recieved communications up until several months after the revolution. The last bits of communication they recieved was to lie low and do nothing. From what he knew, the half-elf they were looking for was somewhere in the Golden Tower and was somehow connected to the higher eschalons.

Realising the task ahead, the group decided to call it a night and worry about it when they got back from Urik. They then started planning for their trip to Urik.


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