God-King Tithian

The new ruler of Tyr


Current in Tyr, ruling efficiently.


Originally the Head Templar for Sorcerer-King Kalack, Tithian, along with the other Deposers of Kalak killed Kalak in Tyr’s stadium during a gladiatorial match. Tithian then spearheaded the swift civil war which follows all revolutions.

By the end, Tithian had appointed himself Templar-King of Tyr with the other Deposers governing at his side. Tithian set up a council system of government where all requests, advice and complaints are heard without fear of persecution.

Tithian is seen as crusader for the oppressed in Athas. Having abolished and outlawed slavery, making Templars and Nobles accountable and welcoming all forms of trade, Tithian has created a city-state which people of all kinds flock towards.

Tithian, along with his fellow Deposers left for the Astral Sea in an attempt to gain a power that will free the people of Athas from the tyranny of the Sorcerer-Kings.

Now he is back, and seemingly not happy… Also is huge and has wings…

God-King Tithian

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