Sorcerer-King Dregoth

The undead Sorcerer-King


Sorcerer-King Dregoth was once a prominent Sorcerer-King who created the Dray to make-up his powerful armies, armies he used to gain influence and crush the armies of the other Sorcerer-Kings. He decimated entire cities in his wake, destroying many other Sorcerer-Kings, most of which have been forgotten in the sands. The other Sorcerer-Kings, for the first and last time in history, united together to defeat his seemingly unstoppable power and trapped him in an iron prison underneath Ree’at, the location of the final battle.

Millennia later, Templar-King Tithian sent an expedition to Ree’at to gain a source of power that was said to lie underneath the ruins of the city. The party (unknowingly at the time) managed to free Dregoth from the prison and allow him to return to his throne at Giustenal. The party later surmised that the sarcophagus provided the binding power that kept Dregoth imprisoned. Thousands of year of imprisonment has caused Dregoth to become undead, perhaps a safeguard he implanted long ago in case he was imprisoned or killed.

Dregoth is now waging an undead war against Draj, paving way for a repeat of history.

Sorcerer-King Dregoth

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