Dark Dawn

Temple of the Eye - Well that's not good

Epic Tier - Session 15

With the Angels defeated, the party knew they needed to quickly depart the Tyr Iron Mines before reinforcements arrived. They made their way past Outcrop Outpost where Tiran Arslan was able to spot 20 troops making their way from the city. Although several hours away, the party didn’t want to risk an encounter with their Templar-Wife escorts in such a state.

The set off to the immediate east across the rocky badlands. After an hour of quick pace, they were able to reach the sandy beginnings of the Great Alluvial Sand Wastes. With Dust’s Folding Sand Skiff, the party sent the Templars on their way, conjuring a local wind still being within the realm of possibility.

The party then ventured south to find the Temple of the Eye, the location of the Eye of Abalache-Re. After four days travel and a minor dispute surrounding a bag of Hejkin heads, the party came across the stone pillar marking the temple’s location. They also came across a wizened, bearded man resting against the pillar who was ‘passing through’.

Shiatri indicated that the man was a powerful magic user and that the party should be careful. The man was amicable, although very confused, amnesiac even. Tiran attempted to read into his mind and could only get glimpses of Tyr and a magical explosion. He was unable to properly unlock the man’s memories and so invited him to travel with them, to which the man agreed.

The entrance of the temple was just down at the base of the dune. Shiatri decided to stay outside the entrance and watch over the newly named Juan. Inside was pitch black, but nothing a couple of torches couldn’t deal with. It wasn’t hard to notice the innert, crouched skeletons dotted around the first inner chamber, not to mention the bug life.

Rather than sneaking, Tiran took the skeletons head on, which proved no match for the powerful party. After dispatching the enemy, the three began to explore. Turk descended into the chasm while Tiran and Darus broke though into a chamber containing what an dark, clearly magical orb.

Within about 25 feet of the Orb, Darus was zapped out of existence which set off some warning bells in Tiran’s mind. Thabkfully Darus soon reappeared, confused. After a bit of trouble reaching it, Tiran managed to use his powerful Mind Wrench to subdue the Orb, allowing him to remove it from the dais it sat upon. Now with a powerful, yet innert magical orb, Tiran ran outside to Shiatri, who immediately informed him that he was not holding the Eye. It was at this point that the Orb started to swirl with magical energy as the effect of Tiran’s Mind Wrench wore off.


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