Tyr Region


Named after its oldest city, the Tyr Region is considered the last real habitable region in Athas.

It is bordered by an endless desert known as the Glowing Sands to the north, the Silt Sea to the east, the Ringing Mountains to the west and the ever-enroaching, ever-spreading Black Plains to the south.

While most would say that the region is divided into territories ruled by the immortal Sorcerer-Kings, the reality is that they only rule their respective city-states. Outside the walls of the cities, now law applies. That being said, if you leave the city, you’re more likely to fall victim to dehydration, sandstorms, sun-scorch, monstrous beasts or silt sinks than you are from law-breakers.

While habitable, the Tyr Region is far from safe.


Tyr Region

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