The following is a brief summary of the Templars that serve the Sorcerer-Kings in each city

Tyr – Templars of Tyr

Tyr_Templar.jpgOnce upon a time, these templars were chosen by Sorcerer-King Kalak for any innate magical ability they displayed, provided they were human.

Templar Ashfield was in charge of sourcing new candidates.

Now that Tithian has returned, the Templar order has been disbanded with Tithian building a small army of enforcers trained in The Way.

Nibenay – Templar-Wives

ex_buddha_tattoo_design.jpgThe Templar-Wives of Nibenay are the the backbone of the entire city, numbering in the hundreds. They oversee the city’s administration from being in charge of small troops of the police force to being in charge of the various governing bodies. The High Consorts stand at the head of each governing temple.

As the name suggests, they are each married to Sorcerer-King Nibenay, though most of the time, this is only in name.

Despite a high level of competency in this beuracracy, there is a deep ingrained culture of deception, power play and political backstabbing existing within the Templar-Wives, often to a deadly extent.

Gulg – Nganga

Gulg_Templar.jpgThe party know little about the shamanistic Templars of Gulg. They seem to exist in the shadows, only excreting from inbetween buildings when the city has been in immediate danger.

They all wear skull masks, hiding their face except for glowing yellow eyes.

Urik – Toil Templar

Balic – Praetor


Praetors are elected officials of the state of Balic. While only a noble can become a Praetor, any free citizen of Balic can participate in the elections. The sanctity of such elections are questionable.

Once elected, Praetors are imbued with magic from Sorcerer-King Andropinis that mentally and physically transforms them into some of the most powerful warriors in Athas

With this in mind, Praetors form part of Balic’s standing army, acting as a form of shock troop and are often sent outside the city to perform special military endeavors.

Raam – Templar

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