A walking fortress made from Mekilot bones, originally created by Yarnath of the Snakeskull Raiders. This fortress was the bane of all merchants in the area for many years as the raiders used it to quickly manoeuvre across the Black Sands.


It is rumored that Yarnath become obsessed with obtaining the power from the Crown of Dust and got distracted from his raiding. It is not known ultimately what has happened to Yarnath but it’s been a long while since there has been any record of him.


During the parties research into Slither they found the rumours of the Snakeskull Raider’s ability to use the fortress as a vehicle and attempted to track them down. They also found a piece of parchment which operated much like a compass, allowing them to track Slither.

When meeting up with the Raiders in their camp, Dust attempted to use some of the Chieftain’s blood to give himself the ability to track Slither, like the existing Raiders, to no effect.


After a meeting with Nibenay the party obtained the current location and the ability to use the parchment properly as a compass to track down the fortress. They set out immediately and managed to track it down, after slaying the dragon bone construct on board they searched the fortress and consulted with the librarians to obtain the Snakeskull Tattoo allowing them to control Slither.

Locations aboard Slither

  • First Floor: Entrance way/hallway.
  • Second Floor: War room, Viewing Platform, Barracks.
  • Third Floor: Library
  • Fourth Floor: Collapsed Room.
  • Fifth Floor: Top level, including balcony with ‘steering wheel’.

Slither map


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