After Tyr, Nibenay is considered the next oldest city in the Tyr Region. Also known as the City of Spires, Nibenay is considered one of the most beautiful cities as it’s incredibly clean, all buildings are ornamentally decorated, carved and well-maintained (despite being thousands of years old).

Water is abundant and free-flowing, the nobility charging for use of the wells, as opposed to selling the water. Because of this, there is no real problem of starvation, very little beggars and is not unusual to see greenery growing in the streets or along walls.

The city is named after its Sorcerer-King, Nibenay, also called the Shadow King due to the rarity of public appearances, and never revealing his true form. This doesn’t affect the mechanisms of the city as his five High-Consorts rule efficiently, wholly, and often competitively.

It’s greatest enemy is Gulg as both cities compete for use of the Crescent Forest. It’s not unusual for the cities to go to war every five years or so.

The party have currently defected to Nibenay, though are yet to establish themselves in the city proper.



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