Merchant Houses

The Merchant Houses of Athas are the lifeblood of the region and without them, many cities would fall into decay and stagnation.

Merchant House Code:

  1. Recognition that by joining a merchant house, an agent forsakes citizenship in any city or membership in any tribe.
  2. An oath of allegiance to the merchant house.
  3. A promise to perform in the best interests of the merchant house in return for a salary.
  4. A promise to deal honestly with stranger, friend, and foe alike.
  5. A promise not to flaunt any wealth gained through employment with the house.
  6. A promise to uphold the laws of the city in which the agent is stationed, and to do nothing to bring down the wrath of the sorcerer-king or his agents upon the house.
  7. A promise to cooperate with other merchants to make life very expensive for any person who unjustly imprisons, blackmails, or otherwise harasses any merchant.

Merchant Houses:

House Vordon
House Ianto
House Aureus (DEAD)

House Wavir
House Tomblador
House Rees
House Jarko

House Shom

House Tsalaxa

House Stel

House M’Ke

House Inika

Merchant Houses

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