These are items of great power that the party have encoutnered, or heard of, in their adventures. Not all Artifacts are for use.

The Sarcophagus

This sarcophagus was found in a gigantic steel cage underneath Ree’at.

It gave anyone in the vicinity some powerful boons, including an immunity to defiling magic.

The sarcophagus was destroyed in the ritual that sent God-King Tithian to The Dead Realm.

Magic Lamp

Current Concordance: -1,000,000

The magic lamp wasn’t so much the artifact as was the Djinni inside of it, Malik

As Malik grew to trust the party he was willing to fight more eagerly for them, gaining power. He was even able to defeat the Primordial Spirit, Igni.

But when the party helped open the sarcophagus and defile the corpse of his deceased lover, Malik receded back into the lamp and has not been heard of since.

The Orbs of Kalid-Ma

Current Concordance: N/A

Tiran picked up an Orb of Kalid-Ma in the catacombs beneath Tyr. Tiran gave the Orb to Calder and upon first skin contact he received four visions:

  • A heavily armoured Dray with ragged wings and glowing green eyes screams orders on a battlefield. Hundreds of undead pour past him to meet an army of mortals. The Dray holds his hand out, clutching a pale green orb which emits a beam of energy.
  • A large mass of green water, more water than you’ve ever seen in your life. From the water sits a mountainous island. At the top is a small shrine which contains a blue orb. Around the shrine are what appear to be humanoids, though you notice some have horns, or animal ears, scales or goats legs.
  • An undead being is sitting in a dusty throne holding a staff in one hand and is playing with a purple orb in the other. On it’s crown is a black diamond.
  • A powerful-looking man with glowing orange eyes. In his staff was an orange orb. As you see his image, he turns to look at you and snarls, his face resembling a tiger. He sees you. In retrospect, this man was Hamanu.

Calder forgot about it a month. By the time he remembered, the Orb was gone.

The Dragon’s Amulet

Current Concordance: N/A

This amulet was also picked up in the catacombs of Tyr and was held by Tiran until he gave it to Nibenay as part of their bargain for the alliance between the two cities.

The Crown of Dust

Current Concordance: ???

The Crown of Dust is a golden fragment of a crown held by Dust.

The Eye of Abalach-Re

This was once a regular gem (if the word ‘regular’ could be used to describe a black Opal the size of a Crodlu egg) that Sorcerer-Queen Abalach-Re infused with copious amounts of defiling magic, around 100 years ago. She ordered slaves to build a temple somewhere in the Great Alluvial Sand Wastes to house the Eye.

She then let slip rumours that the Eye would allow her to ascend to dragonhood, in the hope that the Dragon of Tyr would retaliate. While the rumour was technically true, the Eye’s key feature was that it was specifically designed to absorb the Dragon’s power.

But the Dragon was not fooled. He flew to the temple, destroyed it, killed the Templars guarding it and the buried everything in the sands, the temple and Eye lost to all.

Swords of Tyr

The nine Swords of Tyr were created by the Veiled Alliance in Tyr in a plot to destroy Sorcerer-King Kalak.

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