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  • Noble Houses

    These are some of the nobles houses the party has encountered throughout their travels. ---- *Tyr* [[House Asticles | House Asticles]] ---- [[Main Page | Main Page]]

  • Aaron Asticles

    [[:aaron-asticles | Aaron of Asticles]] is the younger brother of [[:agis-of-asticles-1 | Agis of Asticles]] and because of this, is one of the most powerful nobles in [[Tyr]]. [[:aaron-asticles | Aaron]] was appointed the leader of the expedition to [[ …

  • Agis of Asticles

    Head of one of the most powerful noble houses in [[Tyr]]. [[House Asticles]] was even powerful before the fall of [[:sorcerer-king-kalak | Kalak]]. One of the [[Deposers of Kalak]] and aids in the ruling of [[Tyr]] along with [[:templar-king-tithian | …

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