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  • Sorcerer-Kings

    The *Sorcerer-Kings* and *Queens* are the tyrannical and despot rulers that preside over the [[Locations | city-states]] of the [[Tyr Region]], the most habitable area in [[Athas Cosmology | Athas]]. While ruling their respective city states in their own …

  • Sorcerer-King Dregoth

    Sorcerer-King Dregoth was once a prominent [[Sorcerer-King]] who created the [[Dray]] to make-up his powerful armies, armies he used to gain influence and crush the armies of the other Sorcerer-Kings. He decimated entire cities in his wake, destroying …

  • Sorcerer-King Hamanu

    King Hamanu takes a keen interest in every aspect of [[Urik's]] governance. He dispenses justice, monitors trade and resource production, and trains with his soldiers. Hamanu never sleeps; rather, he spends his nights deep in study. He is invested in …

  • Sorcerer-King Nibenay

    Sorcerer King Nibenay, also referred to as the Shadow King, is the ruler of [[Nibenay Empire]], encompassing the city-states of [[Tyr]] and [[Nibenay]] and all their holdings. He currently resides in the empire's capital city, Nibenay.

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