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  • Yarnath

    A century ago, a [[mul]] [[defiler]] named Yarnath used a powerful ritual to create a crawling citadel of bone in the wastes south of [[Tyr]]. However, the ritual took an unexpected turn, and Yarnath drained his own life as well as those of the slaves he …

  • Alec

    Alec is the leader of the remnants of the [[Snake Skull Tribe]] and one of the last remaining [[Snake Skull Raiders]].

  • Andorra

    Andorra was wed to [[:dust | Dust]] in a ritual which initiated [[:dust | Dust]] into the remaining [[Snake Skull Raiders]]. Andorra also acted as a guide to the party in finding [[Slither | Slither's]] location. Her current residence is in [[Tyr]] …

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