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  • Fort Firstwatch

    [[File:494532 | class=media-item-align-center | Fort_Firstwatch.jpg]] *Fort Firstwatch* is the unofficial headquarters of [[House M'Ke | House M'Ke]] and the residence of [[:truvo-m-ke | Truvo M'ke]]. It's more of a fortified marketplace than an …

  • Truvo M'ke

    *Truvo M'ke* is the patriarch of [[House M'Ke | House M'Ke]] is currently resides at [[Fort Firstwatch]]. While he has been the head of the house, he has seen [[House Tsalaxa | House Tslaxa]] and [[House Stel | House Stel]] drive it into the ground. …

  • Rogil M'Ke

    *Rogil M'ke* is the son of [[House M'Ke | House M'Ke's]] patriarch, [[:truvo-m-ke | Truvo M'ke]]. He is currently the caretaker of House M'ke's headquarters, and the house representative in the city of [[Raam]]

  • Fromor

    *Fromor* is a merchant for House M'Ke that runs between [[Raam | Raam]] and [[Nibenay | Nibenay]]. He is a single father that travels with his daughter. The party encountered him on the [[Nibenese Road | Nibenese Road]] just after his caravan had …

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