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  • Clan Kamras

    [[Dray]] [[Clan Kamras | Clan Kamras]] was, until thirty years ago, a known and respected (read: feared) sorcerer clan. Though they appeared a capricious clan, as it appeared to outsiders that movements and preferences were without purpose, they had a …

  • Razak Kamras

    A member of [[Clan Kamras | Clan Kamras]], Razak was employed by [[:sorcerer-king-kalak | Kalak]], [[Sorcerer King]] of [[Tyr]] at the time of [[:helari | Helari's]] great upheaval. Razak has taken it upon himself to atone for the destruction which his …

  • Helari

    Helari Kamras drained the powers of his fellow clan members to bolster his own power. The entire clan turned to [[defiling magic]] to destroy him, their home citadel and most of [[Clan Kamras | Clan Kamras]] in the process.

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