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  • Templar Ratebourne

    Templar Ratebourne was part of the expedition to [[Ree'at]] and the party met up with him after the destruction of the [[Tyr]] caravan (in the sands whilst heading back to [[Tyr]]). The party nursed Ratebourne back to health and kept him safe as they …

  • Elton

    A naturally gifted [[psion]] and scoundral, [[:elton | Elton]] had no interest in leaving [[Tyr]], a profitable haven from a dark world. That was until he pilfered a writ naming his noble victim a teamster of the expeditionary caravan heading for [[Ree'at …

  • Melora

    Melora was a [[God]] and once the lover and wife of [[:malik-1 | Malik]].

  • Chief Toramund

    Chief Toramund (previously) of [[Silver Spring]] was in the party's eyes a grotesque blight on the land, he was extremely glutinous and would often and loudly make sexual advances towards (unwilling) [[:tiran-arslan | Tiran.]] When the party first met …

  • Yarnath

    A century ago, a [[mul]] [[defiler]] named Yarnath used a powerful ritual to create a crawling citadel of bone in the wastes south of [[Tyr]]. However, the ritual took an unexpected turn, and Yarnath drained his own life as well as those of the slaves he …

  • Zeburron, The Iron Rider

    Zeburron, the Iron Riderm was a feared and notorious raid leader who was based in [[The Black Sands]]. His bandits were known for raiding caravans that moved along the great highways and was particularly merciless in the process. His band of raiders have …

  • Esther

    First encountered in the ruins of [[Ree'at | Ree'at]]. [[:ichtaca | Ichtaca]] killed her after gaining the information he need concerning the [[Eye of Abalache-Re | Eye of Abalache-Re]].

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