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  • Balic - Starting at the top

    The party set off from [[Alataruk]] to [[Balic]], a journey that would take almost a month on foot, only took about half that by [[Magic Carpet | carpet]]. They stopped by [[Grak's Pool]] on the way to find Gavun Sul and make sure he came good on the …

  • Balic - Flee!

    Not the first time, the party were forced to flee a city in high alert to their presence. [[:dust | Dust]] had rescued the party from their failed assassination attempt and were now flying high above [[Balic]] to flee over the walls. If they had listened …

  • House Wavir

    The largest and most dominant of [[Balican]] Merchant Houses. Good relations with the governing [[Tyr council]] as they refuse to deal in slavery. One of the founders of [[Altaruk]]. After the party eliminated [[House Tomblador]] operations in [[ …

  • House Tomblador

    Was [[Balic's]] largest Merchant House until [[House Wavir]] arose around a century ago. Since then they have been losing business, except for the slave trade. One of the founders of [[Altaruk]]. Trade was ruined in [[Ledopolus]]. Severe rivalry with …

  • House Rees

    A [[Balican]]-based Merchant House which is known as the 'counting-house' - lending to institutions that invest in small businesses and demanding brutal interest. One of the founders of [[Altaruk]].

  • Governer Arisphistaneles

    *Governer Arisphistaneles* is the elected ruler of [[Altaruk | Altaruk]] and often acts as the mediator between the three great mercantile houses that also assist in the rule. He is also the head of local cell of [[The Veiled Alliance]]. While the city …

  • Esther

    First encountered in the ruins of [[Ree'at | Ree'at]]. [[:ichtaca | Ichtaca]] killed her after gaining the information he need concerning the [[Eye of Abalache-Re | Eye of Abalache-Re]].

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