Zeburron, The Iron Rider

(Deceased) Leaders of one of the most effective raiding groups in Athas.




Zeburron, the Iron Riderm was a feared and notorious raid leader who was based in The Black Sands. His bandits were known for raiding caravans that moved along the great highways and was particularly merciless in the process. His band of raiders have been reported to be 100 individuals strong.

The party encountered Zeburron and 5 other riders. They defeated him and traded him to the village ofSnake Skull raiders for a guide to Slither. Unknown beforehand, but Zeburron is a tailess Tiefling.

Dust mourns the fact he did not remove Zeburron’s horns to attach to the helmet – it appears less stylish without them.

Upon returning to the Snake Skull Raider’s camp, the party discovered that Zeburron’s raiders had come for their leader and destroyed the camp in the process.

Months later, rumours were abound in Tyr, Nibenay and Gulg that Zeburron had returned, this time as leader of the Accursed Legion. The party rode to Zeburron’s Camp, snuck through obviously increased size of Zeburron’s forces and made their way into the ruins. They eventually encountered Zeburron and the infernal source of the Accursed Legion.

Zeburron was killed for good in a bloody battle.

Zeburron, The Iron Rider

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