Razak Kamras


Knowledge Advantage: Has a deeper understanding of relics, artefacts and magical items. Can usually recognise a relic or artefact based on sight alone.

Race: Dray

Class: Sorcerer

Nationality: Clan Kamras


A member of Clan Kamras, Razak was employed by Kalak, Sorcerer King of Tyr at the time of Helari’s great upheaval.

Razak has taken it upon himself to atone for the destruction which his clan inadvertantly wrought. While the elements often surge out of control, he has vowed that he will never harm innocents with his magic.

Tithian was aware of one of these declining clan members being in Tyr. He hired Razak with the specific purpose to aid in the search and analysis of relics within Ree’at. The only Dray in the caravan. After one day of searching, he returned to the caravan just as it was being attacked by a troop of halflings. After decimating at least half a dozen of the bastards, Razak was knocked out by a halfling’s club. Razak is mostly literate.

Razak Kamras

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