A Djinni trapped in a lamp.


Malik is a djinni that had been bound to a lamp. He’s very secretive about his past but seems willing to cooperate with the party once they revealed they are working for Tithian against the other sorcerer-kings. He did say he had no idea what the sarcophagus was or how he might have anything to do with the key.

As Malik fought side-by-side with the heroes, they gain his trust and he became more open about his past. He revealed that he had fought in the great war between the Primoridals and the Gods. But he betrayed his fellow Primordials and they placed an eternal curse on him, binding him to the lamp.

Eventually, Malik told the party that he had betrayed his side of the war by falling in love with and marrying one of the Gods, Melora. In response, the Primordials slew Melora and imprisoned Mailik. But not before Malik sealed Melora within a sarcophagus.

The party used Malik to open the sarcophagus upon Tithian’s request who in turn desecrated the body of Melora. Malik then receded back into the lamp and has not responded to the party’s calls since.


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