(Deceased) Psurlon spymaster for Tyr


Little is known by the party about Gear, except that he is a Psurlon that has been living underneath Tyr for hundreds, if not thousands of years and has dominated a small cult following into obeying his command with his impressive psychic powers.

The party are in an uncomfortable (forced) truce with Gear and did not report him to Tithian before Tithian departed Tyr.

Realising Gear’s usefulness for their own goals and the well-being of Tyr, the party appointed Gear to be Tyr’s spymaster, something which Gear was happy to accept.

Tiran’s journal entry on Gear
Dust allowed Gear to do something really weird, and magical, and now they are linked somehow. Dust gets some psychic powers out of it maybe.
Gear seems mostly driven by his own, unknowable, goals and unconcerned with the goings on of Tyr in general.


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