(Deceased) Rogue from the Tyr slums.



Knowledge Advantage: Is quite adept at pulling off cons, heists, thieveries and imoral acts. Unlike Itchtaca, is not involved in the Tyrian underground being more of a vagabound, though may have encountered Ichtaca before.

Race: Human

Class: Psion

Nationality: Tyrian


A naturally gifted Psion and scoundral, Elton had no interest in leaving Tyr, a profitable haven from a dark world. That was until he pilfered a writ naming his noble victim a teamster of the expeditionary caravan heading for Ree’at. Why not? Elton can’t pass up a gamble and this one seemed like the biggest gamble of his life. He is not literate (having grown up in pre-Tithian Tyr).

Elton was killed by homunculus in Ree’at.


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