Dragon of Tyr

Considered one of the most dominent beings in Athas, even the Sorcerer-Kings are scared of this force of nature.


The Dragon of Tyr is considered one of the most powerful beings in Athas, top of the food chain, terror-incarnate, to be feared by all creatures, Sorcerer-Kings included.

Unlike the Drakes that inhabit the Tyr Region, the Dragon is more than sentient, intelligent to the highest degree. It is said that he is also the most powerful defiler that the world has even seen.

Every year, just after the Festival of the Cooling Sun, the Dragon flies in from across the Silt Sea to collect tributes of people from all the major cities, whisking them back to his lair to presumably devour them.

Asides from this, nobody remebers the Dragon ever meddling in Athasian politics, or even taking an active interest in any of the goings on in the Tyr Region. Although, very rare (which often means prohibited) scriptures have been found alluding to the Dragon collaborating with the other Sorcerer-Kings in certain matters such as the downfall of Dregoth, or the destruction of the lost city of Ebe.

Dragon of Tyr

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