Cydle Aureus

(Deceased) Head of Merchant House Aureus, the current controller of the Walis Gold Mine.


Cydle Tomblador is House Tomblador’s representative in Walis and heir to the merchant house. His father, Arrakanis Tomblador is the Patriarch of House Tomblador.

All heirs to House Tombador are sent to Walis as a form of training and to help manage to gold mine.

Cydle seems to be one of the most pragmatic individuals the party have ever met and was more than willing to work with them once they declared Walis under the control of Tyr.

The party are even considering quickening Cydle’s ascension to the Patriarch of House Tomblador with the idea that they could a new and very valuable ally.

The only downside of this arrangement would be the likely requirement of a cease of hostilities between the party and House Tomblador.

Cydle has decided to renounce his family’s name and create his own merchant house, House Aureus as the sole proprietor of gold in Athas.

Cydle Aureus

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