Chief Toramund

(Deceased) Was a chieftain of the Silver Hand Tribe and controller of Silver Spring




Chief Toramund (previously) of Silver Spring was in the party’s eyes a grotesque blight on the land, he was extremely glutinous and would often and loudly make sexual advances towards (unwilling) Tiran.

When the party first met Toramund he had offered 100 bits to anyone who could find and return an Amulet which he claimed was just an heirloom, whilst suspicious the party attempted to locate the Amulet (unsuccessfully). After spending a short amount of time looking, the party decided there were better options for profit in other locations and chose to leave the area, on the way out Dust organized for Ichtaca to craft a duplicate amulet in an attempt to win favor with Toramund by easing his pain.

Not much come of this, however when later returning to Silver Spring to obtain the Amulet (which they worked out was the key to Slither) they used the fake Amulet (after deceiving a group of Thri-kreen into helping them steal the original Amulet) to further deceive the Thri-kreen into thinking that it was the original Amulet.

Chief Toramund

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