Dark Dawn

Tyr - Kalack's... I mean Nibenay's Outpost

Paragon Tier - Session 16

After repelling the invaders of Anthill Outpost, the party then rode Slither north as far as possible before the landscape became too mountainous even for Slither’s spidery mechanisms.
The next point of attack for the mercenary army was Nibenay’s Outpost, a narrow pass with walls at either side, designed to keep attackers at bay and one of the most tactically-crucial points between Tyr and the iron mines.
The adventurers arrived in the midst of the attack as catapults reigned flaming boulders down on the stone wall. The crazy antics of the adventurers not only made an entrance but also managed to fight off the first wave of attackers, destroying all the catapults in the process.
The next wave of attackers rendered the high wall of Nibenay’s Outpost irrelevant as Cloud Ray pups bearing their riders flew down from the haze.
The party proved their worth as tacticians and warriors as they fought back the flying enemies with only a handful of mercenaries making it over the wall, only to be eliminated by Tyr’s forces.
The party successfully repelled this arm of the invading army, but still at a great loss of their own allies.
Wasting no time, they carried on to Outcrop Outpost, the final outpost on the road to the mines and the sole way of reaching them.


Melovinci Melovinci

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