Dark Dawn

Tyr Iron Mines - Enter the Angelic Host

Epic Tier - Session 14

With ten Templar-Wives in tow, the party moved to exit the Tyr Iron Mines, yet found it unsurprisingly blocked by Angels. The angels were letting off high-pitched wails, more so when the group exited the mines with swords waving.

They made quick work of the first wave of angels, being nothing more than guards. But it still took enough time for the second wave to come flying in. Clearly their presence was now well known, although it would take at least half the night for foot soldiers to march all the way to the mines.

With Shiatri’s help, they were able to dispatch the second wave of angels. But it was delayed enough for Ramliel, an angel far larger and more sentient than the rest. The party wailed upon the hulking angel while the blows of its katars drew blood from members of the group.

Shiatri was able to rouse some of the weakened Templar-Wives to help, although their Defiling magic further weakened them. The brave adventurers might not have needed the help, but it’s impossible to tell as Ramliel teleported away when he realised the battle was lost.


Melovinci Melovinci

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