Dark Dawn

The Nibenese Road - The trials of House M'ke

Epic Tier - Session 10

The party left Nibenay with a new carpet and a new purpose. They set out on the Nibenese Road towards Raam to find the location of the Eye of Abalach-Re, most likely from Sorcerer-Queen Abalach-Re herself. Flying their carpet for several days they came to resting spot on the south-western shore of the Bay of Maray, near Dragon’s Neck Pass. They planned to jump over the bay the next day, circumventing the mountains and cutting several days off their journy.

While Turk was on watch, he spotted an unlit caravan moving through the night along the road towards Nibenay. With natural suspicion, the party travelled to a spot on the road in advance of the caravan to meet it head on. There were only two wagons pulled by kanks with only a couple of guards. The party stopped the caravan in the name of Nibenay to discern its intentions. The leader, a merchant by the name of Fromor said he was merchant for House M’Ke escaping a bandit attack in the mountains. After a bit of favouring, he said two of their wagons was destroyed by the Red Scarfs, bandit group notorious in these parts, their red scarfs an ironic emblem, signifying the amount of silk they had stolen from traders over the years.

The party agreed to get rid of the bandit menace, in return for a reward. Fromor was more than eager to agree and gave them a letter that could be taken to the M’Ke headquarters outside of Raam.

Flying into the mountains, it wasn’t hard for the party to spot the smoking wreckage of the caravan. It seemed that Fromor wasn’t lying. There were two wagons destroyed and looted, along with a dozen dead guards, kanks and only a handful of dead Red Scarfs. The party decided to track the bandits into the hills, not a hard task for Turk and Darus.

They were able to find the bandit camp in a small, sandy basin. Fortunately, they bandits have a watch and were all asleep, clearly not expecting an attack. But upon closer inspection, the bed rolls had been stuffed and the bandits, rather than being asleep, were behind the party. The adventurers had failed to notice the stalking eyes since encountering the wrecked caravans.

A battle ensured, but it didn’t take long to realise the bandits were outmatched in skill and power. The party cut through them like a knife through Inix grease, Dust ripping scarfs away before his foes had even hit the ground. The battle was almost too quick to give the last two survivors a chance to surrender. A human male and Half-Elf female threw down their swords onto the sand and went down to their knees.

Tiran promptly ended the man’s life when he refused to tell the party where the bandit’s stash was. The woman was a bit more obliging. She the party to the back of the camp and promptly disappeared into hole beneath the rock. Turk, as the leanest of the party, went in after her, but found himself in a small, narrow cavern system… and the half-elf gone. He could hear the faint trickle of water, most likely a small reservoir that kept the bandit camp well-supplied.

With all the red scarves they can find, the party flew onto the House M’Ke headquarters as directed to by Fromor. Rather than being in the city, Fort Firstwatch was located a small distance from Raam. Turns out the headquarters of House M’Ke weren’t the official headquarters, but rather the House patriarch’s place of residence, and a safe place for trade and adminstration away from the strife of the city and the attacks House Tsalaxa and House Stel. The psuedo headquarters were more of walled market with a large central building than an actual fort, especially compared to the dozen or so actual forts littered around the landscape like lone mountains.

There they met Truvo M’ke the patriarch of house M’Ke. He admitted that due to the house’s current financial standings, he was unable to reward them properly. But he offered them lodgings, food and most important, a connection in the city. Truvo’s son, Rogil M’Ke was currently looking after the holdings in the city and is known to associate with Offspring, the bastard children of Abalach-Re


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