Dark Dawn

The Estuary - Preparations (but not for that Silt Horror)

Epic Tier - Session 18

Just north of Balic, after having escaped with the Eye of Abalache-Re, the party were weighing up their options when a small Silt Horror attacked the small cutter, sensing easy prey. But the Silt Horror was wrong, as the party fought in a way which most of its victims never get the chance too.

Cutting tentacles, left, right, above and below, the party were able to fend off the Silt Horror, but not without losing their ship (much to Turk’s dismay).

Fortunately, they were still up one Magic Carpet, which meant getting to Ledopolus wasn’t too much of a chore. This couldn’t be said about Turk’s attempts to convince the local populace of his greatness.

After resting and recuperating for the night, as well as gaining news of the outside world, the group pushed northward to Nibenay, making sure to entirely circumvent God-King Tithian’s forces at Gulg.

Sorcerer-King Nibenay received the Eye and announced that he would hold a festival surrounding his ascension to Dragonhood. While making preparations for this, he ordered the party to seek out temporary alliances, or at least parlays with Sorcerer-King Andropinis and Sorcerer-King Dregoth, to semi-unite against a common enemy.

While the party believed any amicable communications with Balic had long been forgone, a temporary alliance with Giustenal might be possible. The party then came forth to admit their hand in Dregoth’s freedom. While Nibenay and the natural forces of the world seemed less than pleased with this revelation, High-Consort Djena was able to interject and point out the benefits of current circumstances.

The party stayed the night in Nibenay and made preparations to set out for Giustenal at the crack of dawn.


Melovinci Melovinci

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