Dark Dawn

Temple of the Eye - Cerebral Problems

Epic Tier - Session 16

“What are you doing? That’s not the Eye,” Shiatri said bluntly as Tiran Arslan held the dangerous orb out with triumph. Dust, who had been waiting outside with Shiatri and Juan did the first thing that came to mind which was to attack it.

Tiran and Dust wailed on the Orb while Turk Garrant climbed out of the pit and, finding his cohorts missing, continued to explore the tomb. Soon enough, down a trapped corridor, he found a mechanism built into the wall which indicated that an orb-shaped device could be placed into it. Seeing thus information as important, Turk went to find the rest of the party.

He emerged from the Temple of the Eye at dusk to find Tiran and Dust throwing all their might against the Orb while it continued to zap them with multi-coloured rays of deathly delight. With an aptly-thrown dagger, Turk downed the Orb, clearly hitting the off switch.

Despite feeling a bit worse for wear, the party decided to continue exploring. Taking the Orb with them, they descended back down into the temple to investigate the alcove. Avoiding the spiked floor, Turk placed the Orb in the hole in the wall which set off some mechanisms within the Temple, causing minor earth tremors. It also set off a wave of Shaqat Beetles to come pouring in behind them.

But smashing and smooshing things is something the party does best, and they were able crush every last one of the carnivorous bugs. But not before Dust contracted Cerebral Parasites, a highly-infectious disease that feeds off psionic minds.

The mechanism within the temple had opened the top of the temple, which turned out to be a pyramid structure. Sand had spilled everywhere, but the Eye’s true location was at least revealed…. in a manner of speaking. On the dais which clearly would have held the Eye was a bit of papyrus with a calling card from the Red Wing Tomb Raiding Group.

With such an anti-climax and a diseased Dust. Both Tiran and Shiatri attempted to expel the parasites, but to no success. Tiran was able to remember that Cerebral Parasites spread via the use of The Way.

The party spent an evening under the shadow of the Temple. But Turk, feeling fine, decided to continue exploring the Temple, the passages from which the Beetles had emerged from.

Taking an advantage of a horrible situation, Dust decided to make mental contact with God-King Tithian, their bond being one born out of psionics of a Psurlon in order to spread the parasites. With his Sword of Tyr removed, Dust was able to quickly establish a connection with Tithian.

Images flashed through Dust’s mind before he could focus on Tithian. A darkened sky, soldiers marching across rocky sands, Slither floating across the terrain. Tithian was at its helm. He and Dust spoke for what seemed like two minutes before Tithian severed the connection, hopefully long enough for the parasites to spread. In reality, several hours had passed.

The party travelled swiftly to the only place they know of with helpful arcanists, Altaruk. After a night’s rest at the Sandy Sun Inn, they immediately sought out Governer Arisphistaneles, the head of the local Veiled Alliance.

With anti-scrying magic from Gren Lidel and Jema’s healing magic (unusual for a Goliath), Dust was rid of his Cerebral Parasites. While it’s too early tell if the disease has spread, there is hope that it’s currently moving through the followers of Tithian.

While Dust was succumbing to healing magics, Tiran and Turk sought out the artificer that had enchanted their items in the past, Chokom for some rare, magical delight.


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