Dark Dawn

Nibenay - People to see, places to visit

Epic Tier - Session 13

The party spent an evening at Fort Firstwatch (in lieu of Truvo M’ke). Despite having a city handed to them, their sleep was not restful. The sounds of death and murder reached their ears from the city of Raam, as well as from the Mawab fortresses that dotted the landscape.

Sorcerer-Queen Abalach-Re was clearly enacting her last decree before she departed the city. The party wanted to leave straight away, but had to wait for morning because of Shiatri, who arrived at Fort Firstwatch at the crack of dawn looking as tired as the rest of the party, though noticiably more stressed.

The party departed Raam, hoping to never set eyes upon the city again. Asides from a sand storm that raged in from the Silt Sea for several days, the party made it to Bremil Pass without incident. It was here that Shiatri became possessed by Abalach-Re herself. Abalach-Re thanked them for their hospitality and planted the temple’s location in Shiatri’s mind.

A little wary of their companion, the party continued on to Nibenay, city of spires. Gaining entrance with no haste, they met Gilesel at the gate to the Naggaramakam. She said news of Raam had reached here, and that Sorcerer-King Nibenay was extremely pleased by what the party had done in obtaining Raam. He was more pleased when he learned that the party knew of the Eye’s location. As a reward he gave them treasure from his personal hoard and nobleship in the city (complete with its own manor house in the Cliff District.
Nibenay apprised them of developments in the world since they were last in Nibenay.

Andorra, along with Alec, another Snake Skull Raider, a handful of Templars and two other individuals had come to Nibenay, claiming to still be loyal to the “Stewards”.

This party had informed them that Tithian’s armies were on the move eastward, and that Slither, the walking fortress, might have been repaired and among the army.

Nibenay saw this as the perfect time to travel to the Tyr Iron Mines and look into the rumours of his Templar-Wives being holed up in the mines.

An emissary from the Kreen Khanates, Pitchekie had also arrived. On behalf of the Khanates united Atark Aakusk, he was offering an alliance to whoever could remove Sorcerer-King Hamanu from the city, by any means.

With plenty to do and plenty of people to see, the party departed the Naggaramakam and headed to their new lodgings. By no means modest, and each equipped with its own servants, the manor houses carved into the cliff face offered a small respite. But not wanting to dawdle in the city for too long, the party gathered up themselves and departed.

The first travelled over The Black Sands towards Silver Spring. There was no activity in the ruins of Zeburron’s base, always a good sign.

The trip to Silver Spring was uneventful. Makra Ianto was able to pull the party aside and warn them that their presence in Tyr would not be welcome. Old allies wouldn’t be willing to help them, if anything, they’re more likely to betray them. While the final destination of the Tyr army is speculative, most guess that it is Gulg. Makra sent them on their way, warning them not to return.

They proceeded towards the Tyr Iron Mines, travel by magic carpet making the trip a lot easier than the first time. Unfortunately, this still didn’t allow them to bypass Outcrop Outpost. Fortunately, the outpost wasn’t prepared for an aerial attack by some of the most daring fighters in the Tyr Region. This coupled with the devestating preserving magic used by Shiatri resulted in the briefest of battles.

Once the innocent soldiers of Tyr – only doing their sworn duty to their city – were dead, the party proceeded onto the iron mines. Getting to the small village on the plateau was easy enough, but getting into the mines themselves was a different matter. The entire area was patrolled by Angels. But through sheer perseverance and a smidgen of luck, the party were able to move into the mines, but entirely without being spotted. The Angel caught them at the entrance and blocked it off. If the party were going to leave, they weren’t going to do so without a fight.

Through Darus’ acute senses, the party were able to track down some voices deep into the mines. Unfortunately they weren’t the voices of Templar-Wives. It seemed some Hejkin had move in with the absence of any miners. They seemed benign at first, but upon spotting Shiatri, they attacked. The party made quick work of the Hejkin, the small aberrant, tribal creatures not even near a match for them.

While the mines opened up into multiple avenues before them, the party instead decided to retrace their steps and explore other paths. This proved fruitful as Shiatri soon detected magical traps. With a callout, it seems they had found the Templar-Wives. Out of the 50 the Stewards of Tyr had sent to the mines, only ten remained. They were starved and injured, yet hopeful at the arrival of the only help they had received in months. Now the next part was to get out.


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