Dark Dawn

Tyr - The City of Opportunities

For the first night back in Tyr, the party stayed in the household of Arslan. The next morning the group reported back to Templar-King Tithian, basically saying that they had inadequate information on the informant within Tyr.

Tithian then explained that after the death of the Sorcerer-King Kalak, he found reference to an ancient artifact hidden below Ree’at that held the power to destroy the Sorcerer-Kings. He believes that this artefact is the Sarcophagus and it contains a being of great power.

The Sarcophagus was used to lure Sorcerer-King Dregoth during his rise to power 2000 years ago. The other Sorcerer-Kings united to defeat Dregoth under Ree’at. Though it would seem that he was not defeated but merely trapped in a gigantic steel cage, a cage from which the adventurers freed him.

Templar-King Tithian told the adventurers that he found one reference to the key to unlocking the Sarcophagus in the word ‘ Slither

Using the resources of the library of the Golden Tower and the word on the street, the group managed to divine that ‘’ Slither’’ is the name of a citadel/fort that once belonged to a band of raiders nicknamed the Snake Skull Raiders who were led by the Mul defiler Yarnath. The problem is that the citadel is made of Mekillot bones and moves on its own accord, its current whereabouts unknown since the demise of Yarnath and his raiders 30 years ago.

According to the ex-Snake Skull Jaker, remnants of the Snake Skulls set up a village in The Black Sands.

After gleaning this information, the party continued their investigations into the informant in Tyr. After investigating their main suspect Templar Ratebourne, it seemed that there was no evidence of an informant of Urik being in Tyr.

After returning to Xalos the Stonecutter, they forced him into leading them to Sand Street, the location of Xalos’ source. Inside an abandoned house, they found what seemed like a cult lead by a Psurlon named Gear, an entity none of the party had heard of before. Gear explained that there was no informant for Sorcerer-King Hamanu. Templar-King Tithian had not grasped the idea that the Sorcerer-Kings were very aware of what was under Ree’at and would do anything to not only protect the artifact but most likely prevent Dregoth’s discovery.

Gear explained that he led the adventurers to believe that Ratebourne was the spy because in the future the Templar would become a danger to the party and to Tyr. Now that Gear had this direct communcation with the party, it requested that they kill Ratebourne, to prevent this from happening. It also requested that they no passon information of Gear to anyone.

At the end of the day, the party reported back to Tithian on their findings. They would journey to The Black Sands to look for Slither and that there was no informant.


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