Dark Dawn

Balic - Escape from Balic II

Epic Tier - Session 17

With their business finished in Altaruk, the party flew onto Balic to retrieve the Eye of Abalache-Re from the hands of the Red Wing Tomb Raiding Group.

While flying to Balic was no issue, getting in was another thing altogether. The security seemed to have been reinforced since their last visit, unsurprising considering the assassination attempt on the Dictator’s life and the subsequent acts of terrorism they performed to escape the city.

There were Templars at the gates inspecting a slow procession of people and their belongings for any sign of magic. Ichtaca hid what little items he had in a sack of grain and passed through with relative ease.

Turk Garrant and Darus, with larger and more obvious magical belongings circumvented the west wall of the city until they hit the mouth of the south shore Estuary of the Forked Tongue.

Together they made their way across to the nearest silt skimmer and jumped aboard. The occupants immediately took them for pirates and gave up, surprised that pirates would attack so soon out of Balic. More interested in turning the boat around back towards Balic, they both jumped ship and tried another tactic, heading towards another skimmer.

This time they had more success passing off as port authorities. Turk managed to convince the captain to turn the ship around. With a bit of sneakery, the two of them were able to get into the city without raising the alarm.

Meanwhile, Ichtaca first went to the Thespian House to seek out information on the Red Wing Tomb Raiding Group. The information came freely and within minutes, Ichtaca was at the entrance to the raiding group’s headquarters.

Rather than go in, Ichtaca watched the entrance until a Half-Elf woman walked out who he tailed. Ichtaca had encountered this group before in the ruins of Ree’at and recognised the half-elf as Esther, second in command of the raiding group.

He tailed her across the city to the headquarters of House Tomblador. The discussion she had with the head administrator was public and didn’t seem out of sorts. After she left, Ichtaca continued to follow her and seized his chance to seize her as she walked down an alley.

He quickly questioned her as to the whereabouts of the Eye, which she said was back at their headquarters. Crushing her windpipe and hiding her body, Ichtaca returned to the headquarters of the Red Wing Tomb Raiding Group.

In the meantime, Darus and Turk had found their way to those headquarters and had engaged the group… in conversation. They had managed to sign themselves up as official tomb raiders of the group and were talking to the leader, a human named Reden.

Ichtaca soon joined them as they were inquiring into examples of treasure. Eventually the Eye came into view. That was all Ichtaca needed. He snatched the Eye from Reden’s hand and he was off faster than the regular eye could see. With some poor acting, Turk and Darus ran after him to “retrieve the Eye”.

It was a matter of seconds before the guards were called and the chase was on, a call-back to their last visitation to Balic. This time, the city seemed on a lower alert and so Ichtaca, ahead of the others, moved towards The Arsenal, their same escape route as last time.

He snuck into the Arsenal using a dead guard as a distraction (the guard being dead in the first place might also have had something to do with Ichtaca). Using the skills he had picked up on the streets of Tyr, he was able to sneak into several store rooms and blow up copious amounts of oil.

Ichtaca was then able to take control of a small cutter without bringing attention to himsef. Darus and Turk, on the other hand, are very good at bring attention to themselves. With similar thinking to Ichtaca and the sign of billowing smoke, they also headed towards the Arsenal. Unfortunately, there were already a couple of Praetors and many guards about a suspicious dead body outside the fortress.

The two managed to scale the wall while dodging arrows and magical javelin. Once over, they headed north-west away from the small Balican fleet (presumably reduced by the party’s first Balican adventure).


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